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Two or more people are required for this test.
Sender: The Sender will sit in front of the computer and send Heads or Tails the computer has selected to the Receiver.
Receiver: The Receiver may sit anywhere they cannot see the computer, but can still hear the voice of the Sender.

The object of the game is to test the ability of the Sender and Receiver to use Telepathy.

1. The computer will select a random Heads or Tails and present it in the target box.

2. The Sender can say "Start" and then try to mentally send the Heads or Tails to the Receiver.

3. When the Receiver is ready he or she can orally guess the Heads or Tails.

4. The Sender can then enter the Receiver's guess in the "Enter the Guess" box.
      If the cursor is not blinking, click inside of the "Enter the Guess:" box.

5. Click "Click for Results" button to see the score
       You will see the accuracy percentage

6. Click "Click - Computer will select a Heads or Tails" button.
       The computer will select a new Heads or Tails
       and clear the guess and results

7. The Sender can correct the entry before clicking "Click for Results" button by clicking the "Click to Clear Answer Box" button and then enter the guess again.

8. The Sender can enter H or T in upper or lower case letter.

Rules: The Sender and Receiver can decide if the results will be given to the Receiver after each guess or at the end of the session.

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