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Macintosh Help Tips

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Force Quit

Power key + Command key

an Init in System Folder.
After a System Error, you can restart by typing
"rs" or "rb" and press the return key

Hold down Command-Option-P-R keys while Mac restarts.

Rebuild the Desktop File
Restart Mac with Extensions off
Hold down Command and Option keys

Turn off Extensions
At start-up, hold down Shift key.

Start up from external disk
Hold down, Command-Option-Shift-Delete keys

Start up from CD-Rom
Hold down, C key during start up

Screen snapshot
Hold down Command and shift keys and then press 3 key

Screen snapshot - select portion of screen - crop
Hold down Command and shift keys and then press 4 key
Mouse pointer turns into cross-hair (plus sign)
Drag mouse to crop. Release mouse button to take picture

Internet Explorer 5.x
Type file:// into address bar. Display local hard drive's contents
Type file://*./ into address bar. See all servers in your zone.

Sort-order Triangle
The Sort-order Triangle is above the up arrow scroll bar in the list view window.
Click the triangle to change the sort order

Control Strip
To move the Control Strip:
      1. Place cursor over Control Strip's tab
      2. Hold down Option key
      3. Drag Control Strip

Empty Trash with locked files
To empty Trash with locked files, hold down the Option Key and select Empty Trash

Change an icon color for a file
      1. Choose List from the View Menu
      2. Highlight the file or files
      3. Choose Label from the File Menu
      4. Click a color
      5. File icon has changed color

This procedure is especially useful when you install a new application. If you change the color of the icons in the System files, you can tell which files have been added or changed after the installation.

Speak Text
Make your Mac read text to you
      1. Copy the text from an application
      2. Open SimpleText
      3. Paste the text into SimpleText
      4. Choose Speak All from the Sound menu
            or hold down the Apple key and press J
      5. To change the voice, choose Change Voice from the Sound menu
      6. To read again, choose Speak All again
      7. To stop the reading:
            Choose Stop Speaking from the Sound menu
            or hold down the Apple key and press . (period)

            Modifier Keys

Modifier keys are keys that don't do anything all by themselves.

When you press a modifier key, nothing happens on the screen.

Modifier keys are used in combination with other keys.

The other key may be a letter, number, punctuation or symbol.

The modifier key must be pressed first and held down, while the

modifier key is depressed the other key can be pressed.

The modifier keys are: shift, option, control and the command (Apple) key.

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